• Melnyk A. Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
  • Soloviova T. Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Keywords: Reengineering, business processes, innovative development of the enterprise, reengineering of business processes, reengineering, business processes, innovative development of the enterprise, reengineering of business processes


This paper considers the business process reengineering as one of the methods of innovative development of enterprises. Today’s business process reengineering is intensively implemented and applied in many domestic enterprises, in order to increase the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity and the formation of a competitive enterprise in today's market conditions. The various interpretations of the essence of the category "business process reengineering" by domestic and foreign scientists are analyzed and the evolution of this concept is described. The related concept of the term "enterprise restructuring" is researched, which is important for this analysis, as it represents a fundamental change in all activities at an enterprise. The backgrounds which serve for realization of the business process reengineering to innovative activity of the enterprises are outlined. The process of developing arguments is described, which provides additional advantages to the enterprises in order to convince the employees to apply reengineering. A list of problems are separated that companies face in the process of their activities, and which can solve the business process reengineering. The main advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of the business process reengineering in enterprises are identified. A list of well-known global companies are determined, such as Tech Mahindra, General Motors Corporation, Dell, Ford Motor Company, British Telecom and other companies that have used reengineering as a tool to manage their business processes, and which has positively affected on the efficiency operation of these enterprises. A clear example is given of the application of business process reengineering in the activities of the American insurance company Mutual Benefit Insurance, which efficient affected the activities of this company. The business process reengineering is considered as a system of radical transformations of the business processes in the enterprise, which contribute to the exit of enterprises from the crisis situation and accelerate the adaptation of the enterprise to modern market conditions, as well as its financial recovery and system renewal.


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