• Zos–Kior Мykola Poltava State Agrarian Academy
  • Skydan Stanislav Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Keywords: staff motivation, business environment, employees’ health, employee’s psychology, unstable


The article reveals the essence of the concept of «motivation» from the point of view of employee psychology and as a management function. For this purpose, the definition of leading scientists in the field of personnel management was analyzed. The possibility of applying material remuneration in the context of the principle of combining the goals of the individual and the organization was considered. The peculiarities of the application of material motivation depending on the specifics of employees’ positions were studied.

The problem of preserving the health of office workers was studied and ways to solve it by applying methods of non–material motivation as sport activities was given. The necessity of taking into account the peculiarities of the employee's psychology and socio-cultural factors when making decisions regarding the application of motivational measures was considered. The article also considers the problem of dismissal of employees due to reduction, as a factor that can have a demotivating effect on the organization’s staff. To solve this problem, it was recommended to use outplacement, the essence of which is to provide assistance to employees who were being reduced, in further employment or reorientation in the labor market. This procedure allows organization to mitigate the procedure of dismissal. Another benefit of using outplacement is that such an approach can increase the loyalty of employees. The very fact that a company doesn’t abandon employees, who have fallen under the layoffs, reduces the demotivating mood in the team. 

As world practice shows, today, the motivation system is best developed in IT companies. This is due to the fact that there is a significant demand for highly qualified IT specialists in the labor market and very often a non–standard motivation system becomes the best way to attract specialists of this level. So, in order to analyze current trends in the field of personnel motivation, the experience of leading multinational corporations in the field of IT was analyzed. It was considered the use of non-standard methods of motivation in companies such as Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. Also there were analyzed companies with the highest level of average salary where many organizations engaged in the field of IT are among the leaders.


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