• Vadym Polishchuk Lutsk National Technical University
  • Lesia Ishchuk Lutsk National Technical University
Keywords: financial inclusion, financial products, sustainable finance, financial literacy, digitalization, financial system, banking sector, insurance sector


The article analyzes the essence of financial integration and availability for financial products. The relationship between financial integration with the concept of sustainable finances is determined. The relationship of financial inclusion with financial literacy to increase investment activities is investigated. The features of the digitalization of the financial system, in particular, modern technology of banking and insurance sectors are defined. Important areas of strengthening financial inclusion in Ukraine are investigated. Important directions of strengthening of financial inclusion in Ukraine are investigated. The main purpose of the study is a systematic study of the essence of financial inclusion and accessibility for financial products. The systematization of literary sources and approaches to solving the problem lies in the fact that we have an analysis of domestic scientists, which gave different approaches to interpretation of the term "financial inclusion", but we did not see the only vision. The relevance of solving this scientific problem is that the essence of the concept determines the preconditions for practical measures for the availability of financial products (banking and insurance services) in modern development conditions. The study of the topic of financial inclusion and availability of financial products in the work is carried out in such a logical sequence: determination of the term "financial inclusion" on the basis of comparative analysis, the impact of financial literacy on financial inclusions, the impact of COVID-19 on the dissemination of financial products in Ukraine, the main preconditions for financial inclusions are determined , determining the availability of structural divisions of banking institutions in Ukraine and their products, research on the influence of modern technologies for financial inclusion. Methodological tools of research methods were the last few years of research. The object of research is the processes associated with the spread of financial inclusions and financial literacy, because they will ensure the development of banking and insurance sectors of the financial system in the near future. The article presents the results of empirical analysis of financial inclusions and accessibility to financial products, in particular, to deposits attracted by deposit-taking corporations, and loans granted by deposit-taking corporations, which showed that the availability of structural divisions of banking institutions in Ukraine tends to decrease. The research empirically confirms and theoretically proves that the development of financial inclusions is possible only in the context of the development of dytety of financial processes in terms of introducing innovative technologies for various devices. The results of the research may be useful for practitioners, for civil servants, for scientists dealing with financial products and banking sector, for higher education and administration education.


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Author Biographies

Vadym Polishchuk, Lutsk National Technical University

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Lesia Ishchuk, Lutsk National Technical University

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


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