• Kuzmak O. Lutsk National Technical University
Keywords: quality of education, quality assurance of higher education, accreditation of educational programs, management of the internal quality assurance system of higher education, external quality assurance system, quality culture.


The relevance of the study is due to the deepening globalization processes, Ukraine's integration into the European educational space, which contributes to the reform of higher education in Ukraine. That is why it is important today to study the existing experience in implementing the quality management system of higher education in Ukraine, taking into account foreign experience and research of regulatory and legal aspects on this issue. The experience of development and implementation of mechanisms for managing the internal quality assurance system of higher education in higher education institutions of Ukraine is studied. The normative-legal regulation on the management of both external and internal quality assurance systems of higher education in Ukraine is analyzed. A particularly important aspect in the management of the internal quality assurance system of higher education and its monitoring is the development and implementation of internal regulations (regulations, procedures, etc.) that would ensure the formation, construction, regulation of internal quality assurance procedures in higher education. That is why the strategy (policy) and procedures for ensuring the quality of education should be formed by the HEI independently, taking into account all elements of the education quality assurance system, legal requirements, based on its autonomy and principles of transparency.

An assessment of the coordination of internal quality assurance systems in Ukrainian universities was conducted. It is determined that the new way of accreditation of educational programs has given a significant impetus to the development and implementation of Ukrainian universities, internal regulations or procedures to regulate the process of conducting surveys. But it is necessary to clearly understand that there are no universal methods of quality management today, each university goes its own way to build an internal quality system. The results of the research can be useful for the effective construction of the quality system in domestic universities, where first of all the awareness of the culture of quality and academic integrity in academic communities should be formed.


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Author Biography

Kuzmak O., Lutsk National Technical University

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor


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